Community Clinic

For Birthing People and Babies

Community Clinic for Birthing People & Babies

Come for Community Style Acupuncture Treatments on Friday Afternoons! We have extremely comfortable lounger reclining chairs and provide 30 minute Acupuncture treatments, and access to ordering our Ayurvedic meal plans. Babies are welcome!

I love working with the healing power of the Moon. With every Lunar cycle we meet virtually for guidance on personal ritual work and the creative act of altar building. We share intentions and experiences in a powerful sacred container guided by the energy of the Moon. In our Modern times, your creative ritual experience can be reinvented and deeply personalized.

Forest Bathing

The studio is located directly next to Inwood Park which is on indigenous Shorakkopoch land – belonging to the Reckgawawanc tribe. Inwood Park is the only remaining natural Forest land in Manhattan that is completely un-landscaped natural forest growth. I invite you to take time to experience the peace of Forrest Bathing when you come for your session!

Studio Cats

There are 2 beautiful hypo-allergenic Siamese Cats here, Bobo & Shinkie. If you have very severe allergies specifically to cats it is best to schedule in-home sessions with me, or perhaps allow me to refer you out to a colleague. I clean The studio here rigorously and daily in coherence with CDC and OSHA guidelines for an Acupuncture clinic. Bo & Shinks are very friendly temple kitties!