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New Daily Dance; hit your refresh button

Hit your refresh button:

There’s a continuous stream of new products aimed to optimize our already existing activity in the physical world, and uncountable methods emerging to connect, share, create transactions, and experiences within the digital domain. Rapid digital and virtual expansion is, for the most part, based on simulating activities we already know. It has, to a large extent been a matter of simulating physical actions into digital visuals. This age of rapid digital simulation calls for a new level of awareness around the conscious creation of our physical activity in the physical world.  What about our activity? What activity are we simulating and why? What kind of activities do you create in your life on a daily basis and why?  Are they getting you what you want?

The relationship between you and your environment; the daily paths you walk, your professional activity, financial activity, activities with family and friends, Is it draining and based on an inherited belief system, or does it feed you and bring you joy?

What if you could hit a refresh button on your life and see all you already have with fresh eyes? This is what New Daily Dance provides. NDD is a service that contemporizes and brings back ritual as a designed activity to bridge the gap between what you do, how you do it, and what you want to create.

New Daily Dance is about infusing your daily routine and habits with more of YOU.  We design a one-time, personalized ritual based on your desires, and what brings joy into your life based on the objects and environments you already interact with. We give you a fresh overview and more clarity around your activity, your relationship to your environment, and thus, your created experience. We show you new ways to personalize and refresh this relationship to bring more fun, joy, clear direction, and openess for new future possibilities to emerge.

New Daily Dance is about UPDATING activity. It’s like the perfect date who enters the scene and shows you how magic your life is with no strings attached. This is about you refreshing the relationship with your sense of place. Your actions and thoughts are social technologies you use to co-create your future with, and the key to your future is held within your daily activity. NDD is a personalized BOOST, a designed activity personally tailored to your desires and created to help you feel the clarity and uniqueness that is you, here, now, in your own body, creating and living, as a unique being in a physial world.

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